ASP WG100C/HI technical description

The ASP WG 100 Winter Garden System is designed for designing and constructing winter garden roofs along with the supporting post structure. The HI and C systems provide high thermal insulation, with a Uc coefficient achievable at a level of 0.9 W/(m2K) for glass with high thermal parameters. For constructing gazebos and canopies without required thermal insulation, profiles without a thermal break are available, which are easy to prefab and install – WG 100 Z and WG 100 EASY.

Considering the individuality of each realization, the system provides many solutions for single and multi-pitched, semi-circular, and freestanding roofs. Depending on the dimensions and load, cowls and gutters of varying heights are available, and to achieve the best optimization, basic profiles come in different lengths, minimizing waste and thus construction costs. With the use of 3D software, a visualization of the structure can be generated and inserted into a photo provided by the investor. For greater individuality of the structure, additional decorative profiles are available, which enhance the aesthetic qualities of the winter garden. Excellent parameters of garden profiles make the finished structure an additional, year-round living space in the house.

Linking the WG100 garden system with the ASP 70 / 75 systems, as well as the ASP 75 HS system, offers enormous possibilities for construction and solutions, such as lift-and-slide doors with large dimensions, as well as single and multi-wing doors and windows.