ASP 50+ technical description

The skeleton frame system is designed for constructing external and internal partitions, protective walls of buildings with good stiffness, thermal and acoustic insulation. Achievable coefficients are even Uw=0.5 W/(m2K), Rw=46dB thanks to the use of isolators with a special structure. The Plus series profiles have been designed optimally for possible applications, making their price very competitive. The system solutions provide the possibility of individualizing constructions, and the available range and types of profiles give architects a lot of freedom in the design process. There is a skeleton frame system with traditional clamps and covers, as well as a semi-structural solution with high aesthetic values, thanks to the minimization of division lines between glass panels. By using profiles with the possibility of bending, connectors, and angle columns, it is possible to create a construction with a non-uniform line and many planes. An additional advantage is the availability of different shapes of clamp covers, from flat to rounded, to semi-elliptical. In the ASP façade system, traditional windows and outward tilting windows, as well as single and multi-leaf doors, automatic and manual sliding systems, can be used.