ASP 80 FIRE+ technical description

The ASP 80 FIRE + System is designed for constructing fire-resistant partitions with fire resistance ratings of EI30 and EI60. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The supporting elements of the ASP 80 FIRE + system are profiles with a width of 78 mm, consisting of two aluminum sections and a reinforced polyamide thermal break. The chambers are filled with mineral wool to protect the structure from the effects of high temperatures during a fire. Modern solutions make it possible to install double-chamber fire-resistant glass, and allow achieving a heat transfer coefficient of the entire structure well below the requirements set by standards. The non-transparent fillings consist of gypsum inserts in an aluminum or steel cladding and provide adequate fire resistance. Additionally, folded sub-sills prevent the spread of fire by protecting the glass from falling out during high-temperature conditions. The ASP 80 FIRE + system is suitable for use in public buildings.
  • Maximum dimensions:
  • single-leaf doors (height x width) – 3000 x 1610 mm
  • double-leaf doors (height x width) – 3000 x 2875 mm
  • shop fronts (height x width) – 4000 x 3634 mm


Sample non-transparent fillings:

  • can be made with steel or aluminum cladding.

Possible execution: smoke-tightness

Technical parametersASP 80 FIRE+
Glazing range14 – 62 mm
Depth of sections78 mm
Width of door leaves and frames
66,7 mm, 71,5 mm 97,7 mm
The width of the window frames
34 mm, 55,7 mm, 109 mm
Additional features, applicationsWindows, doors, showcases, technical windows
Thermal coefficients
Uf od 1,5 W/(m²K) / Ud od 0,9 W/(m²K)
Fire classEI30, EI60