ASP 75 HS technical description

ASP HS 75 lift-sliding doors are an interesting alternative to traditional balcony doors. They allow for the use of very large glazings, which do not take up space when opened. The door leaf slides parallel to the other leaf. This system allows for much larger dimensions than in the case of windows or traditional hinged doors. ASP 75 HS allows for the construction of single, double and triple-track structures, as well as the corner connection of two lift-sliding structures. Thanks to its thoughtful and functional design, even large-area doors can be easily opened and closed. The use of the ASP 75 HS system allows for an open space between the fixed part of the building and, for example, a winter garden, while maintaining the individual style and functionality of each room. The system is compatible with the ASP 75 window and door profiles and also integrates perfectly with the Alu System WG 100 garden system.
Technical parametersASP 75 HS
Fill range23 – 55,5 mm
Frame depth170 mm for 2-track frame, 265 mm for 3-track frame
The depth of the wings75 mm
The width of the wings94,5 mm, 105,5 mm
The width of the door frames48 mm for a normal frame, 53.2 mm for a frame with fixed glazing
Additional features, applications
compatibility with the ASP 75 system, use in conservatories