ASP 60 technical description

The ASP 60 aluminum window system is characterized by high rigidity, enabling the production of curved shapes and various constructions made of bent profiles. Depending on the needs, standard or economical series of profiles can be used in windows. Different types of window sashes allow for the installation of aluminum fittings or PVC systems. Profiles with a so-called hidden sash are also available, allowing for the creation of minimalist designs. To increase thermal insulation, it is possible to use HI polyethylene system isolators, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by research.
  • Central seal
  • ASP 60 EASY system is equipped with a groove for a mortise hinge
  • Window profile depth: 60 mm for frame, 69 mm for sash
  • Glass thickness range: 10 – 40 mm
  • Thermal insulation for an openable window from Uw=1.0 W/(m2K)
  • High level of air permeability and water resistance
  • Additional options to choose from: hidden sashes, tilt and slide windows, facades, winter garden walls, two-color constructions