ASP 50 EASY technical description

ASP 50 EASY is a window and door system designed for interior architectural elements that require excellent sound insulation. Its design provides the necessary structural strength while maintaining an affordable price. The door profiles of the ASP 50 EASY system are equipped with a recessed groove which allows for quick and easy installation of hinges, locks, and latches. The use of typical hardware grooves enables the installation of the vast majority of window and door hardware available on the market. Most of the processing can be done using presses, cutters, or templates. The construction process is greatly simplified, resulting in a minimal amount of time needed to complete the project. The system can be used to create smoke-sealed structures with a sloping threshold or a special sealing strip to seal the threshold. The use of specially fitted perimeter seals for the door and glazing has been shown to be highly effective in preventing smoke from spreading according to conducted tests.
Technical parametersASP 50 EASY
Visible width of the window frame6,5 – 125 mm
The visible width of the window sasho27,5 – 38 mm
Visible width of the door frame16 – 66 mm
Visible width of the door leaf39 – 92,5 mm
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