ASP 70 technical description

The ASP 70 system, as an economical alternative to the ASP 75 system, is intended for the construction of external building elements with very good thermal insulation. The profiles have a wider thermal break, which allows the use of triple-glazed fillings up to 50 mm thick. This ensures high thermal insulation while maintaining a favorable price. The system will meet the expectations of the most demanding customers who value economical and solid solutions. The possibility of using additional HI insulators in the middle chamber created by polyamide thermal breaks increases the thermal insulation of the structure. Applications of the ASP 70 system are analogous to ASP 75, thanks to which they are proven, repeatedly tested solutions with high functionality.
Technical parametersASP 70
Fill range19 – 50 mm
Depth of sections
Visible width of the window frame34 – 130 mm
Visible width of the window frame35,5 – 69,5 mm
Visible width of the door frame42,5 – 63,5 mm
Visible width of the door leaf63,5 – 84,5 mm
Additional features, applicationsHidden sashes, tilt and slide, doors and windows in facades, walls in winter gardens, two-color constructions
Thermal insulation of the structureFixed window from Uw = 0.7 W/(m2K) Door from Uw = 1.0 W/(m²K) Opening window from Uw = 0.8 W/(m²K)
Types of fittings in window sashesAluminum fittings, PVC euro-groove fittings
Air permeabilityClass 4 EN 14351-1
WaterproofClass E1800 PN-EN 12208
Thermal coefficients
Anti-burglaryClass C3 PN-EN12210