ASP 45 technical description

The ASP 45 profile and accessories system is designed for the construction of lightweight internal partitions and glazing, such as doors, partition walls, office cubicles, and windows. It can also be used for external cladding that does not require thermal insulation. Depending on the strength and economic requirements, standard, plus, or economic series profiles can be used. The availability of corner profiles with fixed angles and tubular profiles provides the possibility of constructing continuous angular and curved walls. By choosing the type of door leaf, suitable profiles can be used according to load and economic requirements. The ASP 45 system also provides solutions for making automatic sliding, manual, and swing doors. ASP 45 is characterized by a simple and fast prefabrication and installation system, while ensuring high rigidity and lightness of the structure. The construction can be filled with single glazing, 1-chamber insulated glass, sheet metal, panel or Z-shaped louver profiles (e.g. for transformer doors).