ASP 60 FIRE technical description

The ASP 60 FIRE system is designed for constructing fire-resistant partitions with a fire resistance of EI30. It can only be used indoors. The load-bearing elements of the ASP 60 FIRE system are also 60mm wide profiles composed of two aluminum sections and a glass fiber-reinforced polyamide spacer. The chambers are filled with mineral wool inserts, which protect the structure from the effects of high temperatures during a fire. Non-transparent fillings consist of gypsum inserts clad in aluminum or steel sheets and provide adequate fire resistance. Additional elements preventing the spread of fire are folding sub-sills, which protect the glass from falling out during high temperatures. The ASP 60 FIRE system is suitable for use in public

Maximum dimensions:

  • Single-leaf doors (height x width) – 2150 x 1250mm
  • Double-leaf doors (height x width) – not applicable
  • Shop windows (height x width) – not applicable

Example of opaque fillings:

  • Can be made of steel or aluminum cladding.
Possibility of smoke-tightness
Technical parametersASP 60 FIRE
Glazing range9 – 43 mm
Depth of sections60 mm
Width of door leaves and frames63.5 mm, 72.4 mm
The width of the window framesnot applicable
Additional features, applicationsinterior doore
Thermal coefficientsnot applicable
Fire classEI30